Mair Strategies' experience working in today’s cluttered and non-stop media environment has taught us that for any campaign to succeed, online media must be engaged aggressively, because it is such an important source of information for, and so heavily influences:

  • Mainstream media: About 90% of journalists get story ideas from online media, or use it to conduct research or fact-checking. Getting information out through the blogosphere means it gets an audience with mainstream reporters organically;
  • Activists: The people who vote in every election, show up at town hall meetings, call their congressmen, and influence politicians to an outsized degree treat online media as one of two vital sources of news and information;
  • Decision-makers: Regulators and legislators pay a lot of attention to the coverage they get, including on blogs— and to what publications read by their political base think on given issues;
  • Donors (especially small-dollar): There is tremendously improved capability for garnering small-dollar online donations where ads are run concurrent with coverage garnered by a team such as ours; and
  • Voters and the public at large: Many voters continue to rely on Google search results for information impacting their votes, and Google continues to treat blog and “non-traditional media” results very favorably in its results.  There is no easier (or cheaper) way to deal with search engine optimization than to get favorable coverage out there at a consistent rate.

The online media sphere remains a strange and mysterious place full of individuals with unique personalities and interests.  At Mair Strategies, we leverage our knowledge of and relationships within the blogosphere to reach these influential writers, ensuring that clients are best-positioned with regard to the online media sphere.

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