Working a tough public affairs issue? Facing a recall of your product? Running a political campaign and facing a rough primary or general election? Want to get the word out about your great product or service that could solve an environmental, fiscal, health care or national security-related need? Have an opponent or critic that is undermining your ability to do your job, succeed in your industry or win a fight? Launching a new show or releasing a film that politically-engaged viewers should know about? Working a must-win ballot initiative?

Let Mair Strategies LLC help.

Mair Strategies is a boutique communications and public relations firm, with specialties in online, political, and crisis communications, as well as opposition research formulation and seeding. 

Founded in June 2011 by former Republican National Committee Online Communications Director Liz Mair, the firm has advised multiple Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and other publicly-traded corporate clients, as well as numerous large trade associations and prominent political campaigns for national and state office on communications in the US, the UK and the EU.

An entirely virtual firm staffed by politics veterans, the firm is “lean and mean” and brings an aggressive, hard-hitting, presidential campaign-style approach to issues work it manages and executes for its clients. A rival operative once described Liz Mair as “hit[ting] harder than a truck” where her use of opposition research was concerned, and the firm prides itself on its proactive and “on offense” nature.

Though led and staffed by right-of-center consultants, Mair Strategies is highly regarded by left-of-center operatives and has deep connections with left-of-center media as well as right-of-center media, and non-political blogs and media. 

We have worked for major names in the aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, education, energy, entertainment, financial services, health care, media, retail, technology, and transportation industries, as well as major issue advocacy campaigns, ballot propositions, candidates for public office, non-profits, and private clients. 

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